It happened! ∆ Delta 1.6 for iOS & Android is out & we now support Exchange Account (API) Connections, Transfers & BNB Fees! 😱


It happened! ∆ Delta 1.6 for iOS & Android is out & we now support Exchange Account (API) Connections, Transfers & BNB Fees! 😱

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  1. Incredible. You really have the most useful tool in this space. I hope you realise the insane amount of time that people spend on your app and how much you’re improving our experience with crypto. Thank you.

  2. Hi everyone! Nicolas from ∆ Delta again! We realise it’s been pretty quiet on the release front for Delta lately (aside from releasing our new homepage & desktop beta of course), but this time is now over! 🙂

    Finally we can proudly announce that Delta has **API imports (we call it Exchange Account Connections)** and that we support not only buy & sell transactions but also all different types of transactions (withdrawals, deposits, mining, airdrops, dividends, etc.), which we all put under one umbrella called ‘Transfers’. Then there’s also support for **BNB fees** & an easier way to add switch to the ‘percentage holding’ views. Yeah, we went a bit overboard. 😳

    We sincerely hope you’ll like our approach of implementing all of this. We don’t support CSV imports yet, so considering some API’s have limitations on how far you can go back time, this isn’t a magical solution if you want to import your past transactions. If you don’t import past transactions, it’s really awesome to see that Delta already added the transaction before you even thought of adding it yourself. 🙂 Note that we’ll add more exchanges for Exchange Account Connections in the coming weeks.

    If you want a bit more info on all of this, here’s the link to our blogpost: And as always, if you have questions, go ahead. I’ll try my best to answer all of you here. Looking forward to the feedback!

    The Delta Team

  3. So if I import from exchanges on top of my existing manually entered portfolio, will it double up all of my transactions?

    I can’t add another portfolio to test it as I am not Pro.

  4. The linked tweet was tweeted by [@get_delta]( on 2018-03-12 15:04:00 UTC


    🗣️ Our major Delta 1.6 for iOS & Android update has arrived! 😱 Update & get access to these brand new features:

    – Exchange Account (API) Connections
    – Transfers, Deposits & Withdrawals (incl. airdrops, mining, etc.)
    – BNB Fees

    Read more via []( 👈

    [Attached photo](


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  5. Love the new update! Thanks so much for this! One suggestion would be having an option to remove holdings of less than 1 coin due to all the Binance dust that people have lying around (or at least the option to hide).

    Really love the work!

  6. Imported mine into my already exsisting portfolio like an idiot so had to retry again then the second time it said I had like $15 of ETH which I didn’t so I just removed ETH from my portfolio and then it went down like $120 dollars or something like that so had to delete that portfolio. Gonna try again later. 3rd times the what ever the saying is.

  7. Thanks for the update delta. How do I actually just let it show me what I have in my account? It has options to show trade history and deposits and withdrawals and all that, but I just want to see what I have currently and that’s it. I tried the other stuff and it always has a bunch of weird things such as I have 7 LTC even though I never had that much.

    Is just asking to see your current balance on Binance too much to ask?

  8. I really want to use Delta, but it’s still not usable for miners. When I go to the “transfer” tab to add a mining transaction, there’s nowhere I can enter my mining costs.

    And if I try to add it as a regular transaction, I also can’t because there aren’t applicable fiat/crypto pairings in any exchange 🙁

  9. Hi,
    I just added my Kucoin api and it didn’t sync much of my transaction history. Matter of fact, for some coins it has only 3-4 transactions while I’ve done hundreds in the past. All the numbers came out weird, some coins I’m holding a negative amount and whatnot and the whole portfolio is not at all what I have.

    I have tried doing API on a new portfolio, with and without the options to include transactions, and still didn’t get the right holdings. When I select to not import any transactions I just get an empty portfolio. Hope this can be fixed! Thanks for your hard work.

  10. Probably out of your scope, but I’d love to have some tool that would allow you to view volume per unit time.

    Currently I only know to look up the daily volume from coinmarketcap or something and then try to equate that with the 24hr volume I can see on Binance.

    If this tool already exists, someone wanna help me out?

  11. Love the update, I’ve been wanting this for awhile. What is the best way to go about entering crypto that we’re storing in offline wallets? It shows, for example, “Withdraw 15 NEO / Unknown” when I withdrew to my NEON wallet; however, it does not account for that in my balance or profit.

  12. I love using Delta but I’m fuzzy on the API imports thing. Some people seem to love it, some seem to hate it (gee, like any cryptocurrency discussion in general :P). For the layman, what does API imports mean in relation to a product like Delta?

  13. Incredible work!! I just got done entering everything manually, I’m curious to see how close I was once I hook up the APIs.

    I was previously a CoinStats user but that app is a freaking disaster. Delta is so, so much better.

  14. Thanks for this!

    Anywhere I can request a new feature? I’d love to see more than all time gains and gains from the last 24hrs on the main screen. 3 or 7 day would nice!

  15. You guys never fail to impress, Clean GUI, Pushing faster updates than any tracker on the market. Do you know when you guys will enable a pass-code to access the Delta app or integrate touch-id?

  16. I just got rid of Delta because all the portfolio +/- were wrong. I put in transactions correctly and they were right at first, then all of a sudden one day everything was -4bn dollars. At the same time it did that the app started lagging like crazy and took forever to open and change pages.

    Is this a known glitch that has been fixed? I noticed some other people complaining about it in the reviews section on the store.

    I am on a Google Pixel XL.

  17. This is very great. The last feature that would be god-like would be if the app could check my address balance directly on the blockchain (because i store nothing on the exchanges).

  18. Just updated with PRO and love the new exchange connections feature. FYI, the QR code for binance API did not copy the keys into the android app. Scanned, pressed Use code, but nothing copied.

  19. Hey there,

    Firstly, amazing update, I’ve been waiting for (what feels like) ages for api support and it’s finally here! Awesome work, seriously.

    Just a quick question, is there a way to add a total cost to your portfolio? After adding my binance api it says I’m up (overall) on my holdings, well let’s just say I wish that were true…

    It would be nice if I could just put a total cost on my binance portfolio, it would simplify a lot of things.
    It gets pretty messy after adding Coinbase/Litebit buys.

    Keep up the great work!


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