My new tool to track your portfolio and keep you up at night πŸ€‘


Hi all,

Me and some friends have been working on a simple to use tool to track your portfolio and monitor prices.

It includes the ability to favorite coins (which I’ve missed a lot) and we are working on extending the portfolio feature to track over time and show P/L. You can log in and save portfolio across devices.

Feedback and suggestions very welcome! You can see the site here:

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  1. If you make it a secure phone app and automatically update portfolios by integrating coins prices with exchanges, I’d use it every day.
    It’s a great start, keep up the good work guys!

  2. Oh wow this is just what I wanted for Christmas. Just two requests, the first being an option to see the graph for the coins’ price, maybe by clicking on it on the right side. Second request, maybe an Android app? πŸ™‚ I gotta say tho it’s really well done, I’ve been looking for something simple like this!

  3. What about multiple portfolio options for managing client portfolios? Most apps are one portfolio and 64 favorite coin limits (i.e.CryptoPro) be great if you overcame these limits. Downloading now. Merry Cryptmas!

  4. Hey this is great – one minor thing, I put in my holding in BTC and all good. Only, i switched the currency to my country’s fiat, and it kept my holding dollar value in USD – same number as before i selected a different (non-USD) currency… fixable?

    Thanks for the effort!

    EDIT: never mind, just reloaded and all good πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. This looks fantastic.

    One idea: on the coin details pages maybe you can also show how much we hold in that coin? Maybe move up the current coin value, have a horizontal border under it like you do vertically, then have “YOU” or “HELD” or something with the value we hold.

    I’m not 100% certain I want to register my holdings into a site, but am considering setting up a bogus email that forwards to my main and using that to register. Something like MaskMe perhaps.

    *Edit* Image example mocked up from hacking around in Chrome inspector:

  6. Just as a recommendation, when logging in and typing in your e-mail, then hitting tab to take you to the password field, it goes to the “Forgot” button instead.

    This obviously isn’t website-breaking, but for UX, I feel like this is huge.

    Other than that small little thing, the website seems nice so far. Keep up the good work!

    edit: also, when setting your amount that you have for each crypto, it doesn’t allow you to start with a decimal if there isn’t a zero before it. For example, it won’t allow you to type in .5 unless theres a zero in front of it to make it 0.5. Not sure if this is intentional or not, using Google Chrome for reference.

  7. Thanks a lot for the effort! Much appreciated and welcomed by many (including me).

    One thing on those ‘bring us an app’ comments: consider not to invest additionally into app development but web apps. Find most apps useless for consumer and developers.
    With the right argument/presentation for the right product, people will use it and put it on their home screen (also without it being an app)

  8. The thing I find difficult to track is the coin I mine.

    Should I track the cost of power? When I do that it looks like my earnings are in thousands of percentage

  9. Looks interesting. However, as mentioned before – security is the biggest issue.
    With public blockchains though you could ask for the address & have a crawler check the tokens on the address (similar to etherscan).

  10. Would it be possible to have a button to bulk update all coins to 0 so I can see my total value without having to click through each one?

    Edit: Ignore me, went on PC and it did it automatically

  11. Awesome man! Using it already.

    Feature request: Dark Skin
    Adding columns: Percentage change last week/last hour
    Removing columns: Removing price column for instance (I only care about market cap)

    Anyway, awesome job, will use on a daily basis!

  12. Any plans for a portfolio dashboard view? It’s nice that it’s so easy to get started but I’d like to see what’s going on in a portfolio beyond just a total current portfolio value.

  13. One thing i miss from the getgo is a graph that follows how your total portfolio are doing, like the one that Blockfolio has.

    Otherwise seems really solid and will start using since i missed something like this for the computer =)

  14. Its there any way to track how much gain/loss I have for example I jave borought one coin at 1 usd and now its tending at 10 then I would like to see how much I gain I have … if I buy same coin at 2 diffeent value then It should show me total gain + gain at each brought level is it possible ?


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