Verge PornHub integration does not work


Too bad the integration is piss poor and doesn’t work…

You login to Porn hub to create account – then choose the option to upgrade using Verge as payment

OK so you create a new one for Probbiller which then sends you to CoinPayments to finally pay the XVG… OK…
Send XVG to the address provided – I can see its confirming…
confirmed 5/5 , sweet!
But then nothing… it doesn’t re-direct you back to the PornHub site, no directions or instructions on what to do next…
So I go back to Pornhub and login… no mention of upgrade or premium membership. Nothing.
No email, no nothing…
I email coinpayments support – they cannot help what so ever and just cancel out my order(s) (I tried twice to be sure)

Weakest Integration I’ve ever seen. Period.

Update : the PHub team is looking into this – so far their support has been awesome.

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  1. >which then sends you to CoinPayments to finally pay the XVG

    Wait so they’re actually using Coinpayments rather than just implementing it directly? Interesting, that means adding other cryptos could be as simple as flipping a switch, it doesn’t show great dedication to Verge that they wouldn’t implement it direct.

  2. I work for an E-Commerce company and part of my job is to find new payment methods and to manage the integration.

    There is no payment processor or payment service that would require to pay something in order to offer their service. (Except you work in a high risk industry then they usually charge a few hundred extra)

    They all make their money through fees. The fees might be higher or lower depending on how much money you route through their gateway.

    Integration costs next to nothing. Only the manpower to implement the API in your system and to run the tests. With bitpay and Bitcoin it took only a few hours and most of it was for testing the service and ti understand how it works.

    Whoever says they spend a shit ton of money for integration is either lying, dumb as fu*# or simply wants to sell something that no one wants.

    Congrats to Verge. Collecting millions spend a little on ads and keep the rest for themselves while the kiddos celebrate for a payment integration. Looks like a crypto bubble if something simple like this causes trade volume and gains like the previous days.

    Very concerning.

    Edit: and by the way no one is using those crypto gateways anyways. The company I work for has about 50000 incoming transactions per day. Bitcoin doesn’t even reach 10 transactions.

  3. Two asswipe companies working together. Great. One a scamcoin, the other a thief who stole all the porn content from hardworking producers/performers themselves, gave it all out for free, and then monetized them.

  4. Who in God’s name is paying for porn? With your fucking crypto? Your hands should be ashamed of the bodies their attached to, easily the weakest hands in the market, no pun intended. But seriously, spending your crypto on porn? Someone take me back to the 80s, this futures not for me.

  5. LOL a 12 million paid partnership, anyone with a brain realizes a true partnership is a mutual agreement that benefits both companies. Obviously, this would have been done for free if that were the case, honestly i would have done the same thing if someone threw 12 million to integrate their currency that nobody will use and then benefit from the publicity as well, genius

  6. Lol. When r u guys gona quit? This is absolutely ridiculous. Its the first day of the announcement and u guys were all wrong. Talking about exit scam. Instead of posting this, u should be apolagizing to everyone that believe u and lost money selling at a loss. Before the announcement

  7. Seems like pornhub should have just used coinpayments directly. Then they’d have much more crypto options. I use them. Awesome platform for accepting crypto 👍🏼


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