We (βˆ† Delta) are nominated for the ‘Best Mobile UI’ Webby Award. 😳 Feel free to show us & the crypto marketplace some love! πŸ’™


Hi there!

Nicolas from βˆ† Delta here again. Long story short: we were pleasantly surprised today when we noticed **we are nominated for a Webby award in the ‘Best Mobile UI’ category!** πŸ˜‡

Without wanting to sound arrogant, we’re really proud to represent the cryptocurrency community in these worldwide awards and we believe it shows that this market is growing up with more & more (digital) products achieving a level of quality that is needed to be able to get more people taking note of what’s happening in this space.

If you’re a Delta user & loving what we do, we’d super appreciate it if you could **vote for us via http://wbby.co/mob-ui ! :)** Would also be amazing if non Delta users that just want to give a crypto product a little push, back us in this! πŸ™πŸΌ

We also have a Tweet that could use some traction if you want to help that way: https://twitter.com/get_delta/status/981484104624607232

Last but not least, we’d like to thank every Delta user and especially the Reddit community, who have been super nice to us & gave incredible feedback. We’re still taking it to heart and we’ll be back this month with releases for both mobile, tablet & desktop. πŸ‘€


The Delta Team


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  1. Please add the ability to set ETH as the base currency (instead of just BTC).

    Also is there any way we can pay for the pro version by crypto instead?

    Delta will be the perfect portfolio tracking app for me with these two features. Goodbye blockfolio.

  2. Great job! I remember finding you on some “alternative to” website. You left a really nice comment there about your (back then) new app and told people they could try it out, in a really non shilly way. I fell in love with your UI at first sight! Very well executed! Now go get that award! You have my vote!

  3. What i loved about Delta was the ease of portfolio transfers from my old phone to new. Just a QR code and my entire portfolio appeared on my new phone. It was a pain to get the same done in Blockfolio.

  4. I was really hoping on exchange syncing being the holy grail but I have had absolutely no luck getting my exchange portfolio balances to display correctly after syncing.

    Withdrawals and deposits to wallets not supported really mess up the balances… I’m not even sure how to fix it, if I wanted to spend the time?!

    Perhaps a DETAILED blog post with examples on how to sync exchanges and CORRECT balances that are incorrect from deposits withdrawals could solve this?

    So close… Yet so far away :-/

  5. Congrats! I’m really digging the api update!

    However, I do get performance issues with it. I make 100+ trades per day and the app struggles on boot (and even to stay open). Is there any way you can optimise how these transactions are processed and stored in the app? A method to consolidate after a threshold maybe? Right now it’s almost impossible for me to click between charts without having to wait 2-5s to load if it doesn’t crash πŸ™

    Thanks again guys!

  6. I think the app is wonderful, extremely straight forward and aesthetically top-notchπŸ‘ŒπŸ». I would like to connect my Blockchain wallet though. Any idea when I’ll be able to do so? πŸ—³

  7. Delta is a great app but I had to uninstall it because of market conditions. I needed to get on with my life instead of opening it every 10 minutes and depressing myself. I’ll install it again in a few months to either pleasantly surprise myself or depress myself.

  8. Amazing app, honestly used block folio for a day and just hated it. Didn’t have a portfolio app for awhile until Delta showed up. Keep up the great work!

    Btw I voted for you guys!

  9. I would love to, it’s a great app. But could you please change the field type for numbers to decimal so that they show trailing zeros? Not a huge deal, it just looks kind of amateurish when numbers don’t have them.

  10. Oh the UI front, it is very pretty.
    Delta is a brilliant app. I uninstalled blockfolio about 3 weeks before you released delta because I knew bf was inadequate. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to, like add fees and add transfers and airdrops. Delta has been great and the continued development is fantastic. Keep it up.

    Maybe I can ask, since you’re around:

    1. How can I tell the version number of desktop app I have installed?
    2. How can I know when the desktop app is out-of-date and how can I update it?

  11. For anyone with the Android app, is there a way to click on a spot on a graph and have a bubble pop up with the date time and cost like coinmarketcap? I remember clicking on points on the graphs and nothing happening.

  12. Congrats! your UI deserves it.

    Can I request a small change for iOS – Tapping on Delta icon at footer bar should scroll to top. It will be so handy instead of tapping on top corner of phone. I see and use this in almost all popular apps e.g., Reddit, Twitter, Whatsapp, Quora, Medium etc., that have footer bar.

  13. When looking at my portfolio balances delta, you have “all time” and “1D” options as time intervals – a 7D would be nice. 3 day, 2 weeks, and 1 month would be nice features as well.

  14. Your app is incredible, the new API support is just awesome – I don’t even know how you could make it better. I guess you could change the minus percentages to positives but maybe that’ll come another day πŸ˜‰

  15. I have a question about the app. I use it mostly for the daily fluctuation of my portfolio but it doesn’t make sense. One day I have say 1k and next day I have less and it says I made a 13% profit, wtf? Then next day I have 1.2k and it says I made a loss of 3%, etc. It is definitely not counting every 24h at midnight, why is this?

  16. it’s probably overboard but wth i went pro so i’m going to request a feature. Pay to view. Some people just dont wanna see their portfolio for awhile, a pay to view model might work. Lockout mode. Something.

  17. Can we please have colored icons for all coins like blockfolio. That’s the only thing I miss. Also we should be able to add an ethereum address and you should be able to calculate value of tokens and ether by scanning that address.

  18. Hey ya’ll! is there any functionality that allows you to import your transactions from Blockfolio? Or is that possibly planned for the future? I really love Delta but I don’t want to lose all of my data. And I definitely do not want to re-enter it lol.


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